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UGHF Hack Sales Thread
Started by THEND

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01-07-2016, Saat: 20:27 -
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General Information:
Main Coder: M4L1F1C
Game Name: Wolf Team
Membership Name: WolfTeam VIP Membership
Supported Servers: WIS - AERIA EN/DE/FR - WPS - WLS - WMN - WTS - WKS
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 - x86/x64
Price: $15.00 USD for 2 MONTHS
Notable: 500+ items in inventory hack - only WT hack to feature spawn checks - only WT hack with this many features - best WT hack.
Status: Undetected

[Resim: buy_vip.png]



-- Player Chams (You will be able to view player body behind wall)

--- Visible (Color when player body is visible)

--- Invisible (Color when player body is invisible, thus behind a wall)

-- Weapon Chams (Shows weapons when in hand or when thrown on ground)

--- Color (The weapon color)

-- Wall Hack (View players through walls)

-- 3rd Person View (Sets your camera to third person, like playing Gears of War)

-- Cross Hair (Draws a crosshair on the middle of the screen)

--- Type (Select crosshair type)


-- Esp Colors (Set the ESP colors to your liking)

--- Visible (When players are visible)

--- Invisible (When they are not visible, thus behind an object)

--- Spawning (When they are invulnerable, thus after spawning)

--- Team (When they are your team members)

-- Esp Box (Draws a box with a perfect size over the player)

--- 2D (The classic 2D box)

--- 3D (Draws a 3d box that is based on the players hitbox)

-- Esp Health (Draws healthbars which help you determine when they are near their end)

-- Esp Name (Displays the name of players)

-- Esp Line (Draws a line from center of the screen to the player location)

-- Esp Clan (Draws clan name of the player, if any)

-- Esp LoginName (Draws the login name of the players) *NEW*

-- Esp Bone (Draws the skeleton of the players) *NEW*

-- Esp Wolf (Draws WOLF when the player is a wolf, helping you determine)

-- Esp Team (Draw ESP over team members)

--- Boxes (Only draw boxes)

--- Health (Only draw health)

--- Name (Only draw name)

--- Clan (Only draw clan)

--- Wolf (Only draw wolf)

--- Lines (Only draw lines)

-- LoginName (Only draws loginnames)

-- Bone (Only draws bones)

--- ALL (Draw all mentioned above)

-- Observer Warning (When an observer is in your game, you'll see a warning on the screen)

-- Hacker Warning (When a hacker is in your game, you'll see which player is hacking and a warning will be displayed)


-- Enable (Will enable Aimbot and thus aim at players)

--- Bone (You can select which bone to aim at, we suggest Random to make it nearly impossible to determine your hacking)

--- Aimkey (Once select key is pressed, the aimbot will aim else not)

-- AutoShoot (Once an enemy is visible and crosshair is on player it will automatically shoot)

-- Team Aim (Aimbot will now aim at your team)

-- Wall Aim (Aimbot will aim through walls, use it with Shoot Through Walls )


-- No Recoil (Will prevent your weapon from shooting up, increasing accuracy)

-- No Spread (Will lock your bullets into a single line instead of spreading)

-- Infinite Ammo (Freezes your ammo, giving you infinite ammo)

-- Always Headshot (You shoot the player at ANY part of their body and it will count as Headshot)

-- Rapid Fire (Weapons will be shot unhuman fast)

-- No Weapon Sway (When you move, your weapon moves this feature blocks it)

-- Shoot Through Walls (Allows your bullet to travel through walls)

-- Bullet Hack (Changes your bullet/ammo to anything you desire)

--- Primary (Will change primary bullets)

--- Secondary (Will change secondary bullets)

--- Knife (Will change knife cuts)

--- Grenade (Will change thrown grenades)

-- Instant Weapon Switch (Removes the animation when you switch weapons)


-- Billion HP (Sets your HP to 1 billion plus/minus)

-- HP Hack (Sets your HP to anything you desire)

-- God Mode (Once enabled you cannot be hit by any bullets, respawn required to work)

-- Ghost Mode (Will hide you from other players)

-- Freeze Players (All players will be frozen and they cannot move)

-- No Gravity (Removes the gravity so you can never fall)

-- Jump Hack (Changes how high you jump)

--- Jump Height (Sets your desired jump height)

-- Speed Hack (Changes your movement speed)

--- Speed Level (Sets your desired speed level)

-- No Fall Damage (You wont get any damage from falling from great heights)

-- Axis Hack (Changes your camera position to under the map, might help you locate other players while appearing legit)

-- Wolf Hack (Changes current wolf)


-- Telekill (You will appear above players and kill them with ease)

--- Enemies (Only appear above enemies)

--- Team (Only appear above team mates)

--- ALL (Appear above both team & enemies)

-- Mode (You can set the key to appear above players or auto)

-- Save & Load Positions (You can save your positions up to 5 times and load them, thus moving your player position to the saved positions)

Character Hack

-- Enable (Will change your characters)

--- Blue Team (Blue team characters)

--- Red Team (Red team characters)

Kick Hack

-- Revenge Kick (Once the same player kills you 5 times his game client will close)

-- Kick All (Will kick all players out the room)


-- WP Hack (Sets all WP slots to 0, allowing you to choose any weapon without gaining WP)

-- Team Kill (Allows you to kill your own team mates)

-- Instant Respawn (You will instantly respawn after you die)

-- Walk Through Walls (Abillity to walk through walls AKA no clip)

-- Instant Bomb (Once in Destruction game mode you can plant the bomb everywhere)

-- Perfect Ms (Will automatically adjust your MS so you can join ANY game)

-- Swear Hack (Allows you to bypass the word filter any use any word)

-- Room Crasher (Crashes everyone in the room, including you)

-- Respawn (When this button is pressed, you will respawn)

-- Mode Hack (Change the game mode to any you wish)

Inventory Hack

-- Enable (Once enabled all weapons available on the client will be set in your inventory allowing you to choose them)


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