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Cold Team G5 Release
Started by THEND

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12-09-2016, Saat: 19:26 -
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Dear members,

Today Cold Team has reached another important milestone. Several new features, changes and improvements were put together in a single update to mark the start of another chapter in Cold Team's history. After several months it's time to replace Cold Team G4 with another, better than ever version - Cold Team G5. We hope our new features will help you achieve even better performance in game, bringing you a lot of joy and great moments.

  • Call Sign Changer - using our Call Sign Change item you can change your call sign unlimited number of times. This feature helps you to fool others and protect your true identity.

  • Auto Farmer - unlimited amount of gold, GP and gift boxes is now one click away! Just activate our Auto Farmer and let it work for you.

  • Anti AFK - this feature will make sure you are never kicked out of the game for inactivity (normally this happens after just 2 minutes). Are you tired of getting kicked out the room while you are still in the lobby? Good, because Anti AFK will prevent those kicks as well.

  • Improved Aimbot - new "On key" mode will activate Aimbot only when a hotkey is pressed. You can now use Aimbot only exactly when you need it. If you combine this with our new, more precise Degree selector (any value between 1 and 360 is now accepted) you can easily fine tune Aimbot to match your needs and appear as a legitimate player.

  • Kick Hack - as pioneers of this feature we felt the need to improve it even further. Now you can kick all the players from the room with just a single click.

  • HP Hack - now we are bringing this feature to its limits, you can easily configure it to get the highest technically possible HP value in the game.
Those are the most important changes in Cold Team G5. Do you want to explore them? Purchase our VIP subscription now. We are offering you all new features for the same affordable price as before. Don't hesitate and join our great community.

"Fark yaratmaya gelmedik, biz zaten farkla öndeyiz"

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